Melissa Conner has always had a passion for law. She started working for a criminal defense attorney as a young teenager. There, she learned that every person has a story and deserves a listening ear and an open mind. She carries these lessons forward in her own practice, striving to listen well, without judgment, in order to understand her clients, and she takes great pride in client satisfaction.

One of the most important skills in counseling and advocacy is communication. Melissa graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English and earned membership in the International English Honor Society. Later, she trained students for public speaking competitions and served as an editor for the New England Journal of Criminal and Civil Confinement.

During her clinical practice, Melissa provided legal services to indigent clients with family law issues. These issues included child support and maintaining child custody while moving out of Massachusetts.

Melissa also interned in North Carolina where she worked with some of the finest attorneys in the state. She handled a variety of cases including the following subject matters: divorce, domestic violence, robbery, sexual abuse, attempted murder and murder. Most notably, Melissa was second chair for the defense in the first North Carolina Innocence Commission Hearing, a state commission dedicated to uncover cases of actual innocence, the first of its kind in the nation.